Neglecting Dental Care

My Personal Journey and its Impact on Oral Health

Nafees Armaan

12/19/20234 min read

blue and white toothbrush in clear glass jar
blue and white toothbrush in clear glass jar

Throughout my life, I have struggled with neglecting dental care, a habit that I developed during my childhood. Little did I know that this neglect would have a profound impact on my overall oral health. In this blog post, I want to share my personal journey and the lessons I have learned along the way.

The Early Years

As a child, I had a fear of dentists, which led to me avoiding regular dental check-ups and cleanings. My parents, unaware of the long-term consequences, didn't enforce the importance of dental care. This lack of guidance and understanding set the stage for a lifetime of dental neglect.

Well, I can't remember my age, but as a child, I suddenly noticed my last molar decaying and turning black. Sometimes, it hurt, but I was scared of the dentist, so I didn't tell my parents. Since it was a baby molar, I tried to pull it out myself.

One day, despite the pain, I successfully extracted it, thinking I'd never need to see a dentist again. I became extra careful with my teeth. However, neglect set in, and when my new permanent molar grew in the same spot, I failed to care for it. I didn't realize it was decaying, and a black hole appeared. Due to my fear of dentists and lack of knowledge, I thought it was normal since it didn't hurt.

The Consequences

As I got older, I could see the consequences of not taking care of my teeth. When I was 22, one night, my back tooth was hurting a lot. I went to the pharmacy, told them about my pain, and the pharmacist gave me some medicine.

I believed the medicine would fix my dental issues, and I felt relieved, thinking I wouldn't need to see a dentist again.

I took the medicine at night, but the next morning, the pain came back. I bought the same medicine again to try to feel better, but once the medicine wore off, the pain returned.

Feeling helpless, I gathered my courage and searched on the map for the best dentist nearby. That's when I found my first dentist, Dr. K.K. Pandey in Lucknow.

My First & Worst Dental Check-up

I'll never forget when Dr. K K Pandey inquired about my recent dental visits. I replied, "This is actually my very first time at the dentist."

Dr. K K informed me that my molar is in a critical condition and might need to be removed. However, he suggested attempting to save it through a root canal treatment, and if that doesn't work, extraction would be necessary.

Following a challenging four-part process, my root canal treatment concluded, and I received a crown on my molar.

Dr. K K recommended brushing before bedtime, emphasizing the importance of extra dental care. He advised regular check-ups every six months, not just during emergencies.

Unfortunately, I ignored his advice and found myself back at the dentist after five years, facing an emergency situation with the same teeth.

The Re-RCT

One day, I noticed a strange swelling in my gum near the area where I had previously undergone a root canal for a molar. Surprisingly, I felt no pain, but I realized it was time to seek prompt attention, hoping it was just a minor issue.

While I was in Gurugram, I searched for nearby dental clinics and visited several dentists regarding the same molar. Unfortunately, every dentist recommended extracting the tooth. They explained that the previous dentist had not performed the root canal treatment properly, leaving a needle inside the root without proper cleaning. None of them were willing to attempt a Re-Root Canal Treatment due to the worsened condition of the tooth—except for Dr. Prerna Jeloka from Dental Root, TATA Primanti, Gurugram.

Dr. Prerna Jeloka was the only one who performed a Re-RCT for my molar teeth, and it took four appointments. She made the entire experience very comfortable for me. I truly felt like I was in safe hands, and in the end, she successfully saved my teeth.

'I am delighted to share my exceptionally positive experience with Dr. Prerna Jeloka. Her expertise and dedication during my successful root canal treatment were truly commendable. Dr. Jeloka's meticulous approach and profound knowledge inspired confidence, making each step of the process comfortable and reassuring. She conducted the treatment with great precision, ensuring minimal discomfort and a swift recovery. Moreover, her genuine concern for my well-being was evident, fostering a sense of trust and security. I am immensely grateful for Dr. Prerna Jeloka's outstanding professionalism, skill, and compassionate care, which played a pivotal role in the success of my root canal treatment.'

The Importance of Dental Care

My personal journey of neglecting dental care has taught me valuable lessons. Regular dental check-ups and cleanings are essential for maintaining oral health and preventing serious issues down the line. Proper oral hygiene practices, combined with a healthy diet, play a significant role in preventing cavities, gum disease, and other dental problems.

I now understand that neglecting dental care is not worth the consequences. Investing time and effort into maintaining good oral health is crucial for overall well-being and self-confidence. I hope that by sharing my story, others will realize the importance of dental care and take action to prioritize their oral health.

In conclusion, neglecting dental care can have severe consequences on one's oral health. My personal journey of neglect serves as a reminder of the importance of regular dental check-ups, proper oral hygiene practices, and a healthy lifestyle. Let us all learn from my experience and make dental care a priority in our lives.

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